2014 – Start of huge bull market in commodities

Those following this blog have seen my frequent mentions that fundamentally commodities will be the place to be over the next few years as both inflation finally sets in and the only oversold asset class left gets it’s day in the sun.

And the technical case you have seen here at least once a day as long term support levels have been reached and now with subsequent bounces.

I just wanted to put a few of the stars in one post. To me this is one of the rare and best opportunities these markets have given us in the past 5 years.


Aside from where we are within the range and the potential upside therein take a look at RSI..not since 2008..



Just a ridiculous set up..




Been talking about this one for a month now and this week we ripped +20 in around 5 days..



Holding all these into the foreseeable future.



The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan

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  1. Ken   •  

    Great post. Thanks.

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