2016 Trade of the Year – Australian Dollar

The longer i am in this business the more i realize it’s better to pull 2-3 big trades per year and fade the rest of the noise out there. Wait the really good set ups when everything lines up for a something huge. I think that’s what we have just been handed by the Australian dollar.

Australian housing is exploding and rates having been recently brought down to 1.75% and it’s doubtful that there will be further easing. Bubble talk has been overly prevalent across all AUS media outlets.

The US side of this is a basic “buy on the news, sell on the fact” run-up into the June Fed rate hike, probably the most preannounced hike in history and the USD overvaluation shows it. The USD in my opinion is about to tank in a big way with commodities, gold and the currencies that have GDP’s comprised heavily of these things will be the prime beneficiaries.

Australian Dollar.

Here’s the technical case. This same pattern i am seeing across many commodities such as soybeans, orange juice etc. A long term own trend with a recent stepping up within that downtrend to find old resistance levels as new support levels. Moves in which old resistance becomes support are normally some of the most ferocious up-moves.

AUD Weekly


I began building a long AUD position last week out into August but the longevity of this move i suspect will be years not months. I’m expecting gold to do very well long term as well as USD floats back down to earth over the next few years.

And here’s more of the technical USD story.

EUR Daily – Ridiculous bullish




Times like these.. We dont get them often but when we do..gotta really hit it.


The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan

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