1. snake eater   •  


    I do want to short crude for a very short trade but not sure about the long run. Also, not so sure how long the US is going to take to put Putin in his place. We all know it’s pretty much over for the Saudis because of this. Russia already doesn’t like the Saudis and Saudis’ plea for America’s help backfired when the US started exporting oil.

    I think it should be around $60-70 for crude even for the US to benefit or break even and I really don’t know how this game of chicken is going to last to put Putin in his place. Obama and Iran’s nuclear issue went okay and nobody is on Saudis’ side. But it’s not like they could hold off the production. So they have no choice but to sell at this…absurd price.

    Crude’s price is manipulated to the max right now.

  2. snake eater   •  

    Other major powers are putting up a fight at $30 mark. lol I think the US will drive down DOW just to break the $30 mark.

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