I’ve gotten a few emails over the last week asking for broker recommendations.

I’m not really in that business but can tell you InteractiveBrokers and ThinkorSwim are probably the two best.

This site has some reviews of various brokerages from both users and their own in-house reviewers.

FX brokers seems mostly like a snakepit but i know there are European brokerages that focus exclusively on fx like DukasCopy that i really have no experience with… but those are reviewed there as well.

But in my experience IB and ToS are rock solid.





The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan


  1. snake-eater   •  


    What’s your thoughts on VIP, YNDX, QIWI for long term?


    • jf991   •     Author

      Sorry, i dont trade any of those.

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