Eurozone loans to private sector – Time to buy EU

Chart courtesy ZeroHedge.

If ever there was a chart that screamed bullish EU it’s this one. Remember the average interest rate for a home loan in Central Europe is now is 3.3%.

And as the Euro get’s cheaper this can only go up… The next 6 months are the last cheap days in my opinion..

In a related post i made the case that the Costa del Sol region of Spain that was decimated in the bubble fallout has now completed it’s cycle and has begun an uptrend.


November Eurozone Loan Creation


The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan


  1. snake-eater   •  

    Malaga has been on a list for a long time. Our forecast is the same with this one.

    • jf991   •     Author

      Yep, you fly into malaga then drive down to marbella..
      Was there few weeks ago..

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