Higher still..

I’m not planning to post here much in the future as i just really dont have time. My original reason for this blog was to have some public scrutiny on my own trading techniques so i could improve. Also the occasional political rant just to get it off my chest.

The blog has served it’s purpose for the most part. The annual returns in my own accounts are running about +1000% per year at this point. If i add any new levels to my trading and need this public forum to work out the bugs i will be back and posting as before.

I think a bear market has begun but we need to complete this counter-trend rally first..

This is how i feel the last-gasp of the 2009-2015 QE bull market will complete this last rally.


Median line in new uptrend as well as resistance becoming support on old downtrend



Higher Floor



Resistance has become support.


The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan

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  1. jim   •  

    how the heck you producing such crazy returns in ur personal accounts? More positions?Leverage?

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