Miles and Miles of Russians troops and tanks heading toward Crimea

This video from a few hours ago shows literally miles of Russian troops on the Road from Krasnodar only a couple hours from the Ukrainian border heading in the direction of Crimea..



At this point it’s fairly clear that Putin has a simple strategy of first taking Crimea then using it as a beach head to go into the Ukrainian mainland and possibly Moldova.

The pipelines that pump gas into Europe and 65% of Gazprom’s revenue into Russia do not run through Crimea. They run through Ukraine mainland and that’s the intended target.

With an estimated 30,000 troops already in Crimea taking charge of naval bases, governmental buildings and anti aircraft bases why would Putin need such additional force if the intent is to stop at Crimea.

It’s doubtful that Putin really foresaw such a lack of international action and really may have just been emboldened when realizing how easy it would really be to take what he wants.

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