Tankage – Right on cue

On December 18th i showed how i saw the market playing from what i saw as the final topping process of the 2009-2015 bull market. Well..here’s what happened.


A small relief rally could be expected here but doubtful to me it has legs as the strong USD that’s caused the majority of the EM/Commodity soul crushing of the past year will not work itself off quickly enough.

To me now, it’s all about the Dollar. Will get into that later.. Technically it appears to be topping..which would entail the Fed is not ready to commit to total Armageddon by continuing with higher rates, no matter what they say.

Being short USDJPY (stronger Yen) and long EURUSD (stronger EUR) probably won’t be the worst places to be for 2016 if i had to guess.


The best charting teacher I know:
The Morning Analysis Service by Paul Coghlan


  1. snake eater   •  

    The year of the boooooomerang. ZIRP coming back Creep!

    • jf991   •     Author

      Yep, you’re right.

      • snake eater   •  


        I’ve been having so much fun with dgaz but I think it’s time to wrap it up and join you on this one. Time to hit a grand slam and retire the gloves.

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